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Information about this website; about intentions, participants and sources

 Central area of Eastern Docklands Amsterdam at sunset

Text and website design: Carla Vredeveld
Technical support: Pim Stuivenberg
Pictures: Carla Vredeveld and Pim Stuivenberg
Guest photographers: Marie-Jose Klaver and Ko Steenbakker


This website is meant for English speaking inhabitants, travellers, business people and tourists staying in the Eastern Dockland area or visiting the docklands. It gives a comprehensive view of the area. It is useful to get a general impression of the area and it is a starting point for learning more about the Eastern Docklands.

The information about layout and architecture was gathered from specialized websites, press publications and municipal information.
The information about facilities, social life and nightlife offers an overview of the situation in the Eastern Docklands. We have mentioned the most important facilities and the most attractive restaurants, cafes and clubs, according to my own tastes and experience. Other websites offer more specific business information, but no comprehensive view of the area.
The chapter on urban and outdoors leisure mentions the most important possibilities in the area.
The history chapter is based on information from the Docklands Museum, the International Institute of Social History, the Scheepvaart Museum and the municipality.

This website was made in november and december 2002.