Sailing ships, motorboats, houseboats, a floating lighthouse and a floating garden

Sail 2000  

             floating lighthouse

Two freight ships and an old floating lighthouse,
now part of the Docklands museum.

freight ship turned into houseboat, Veemkade

The Eastern Docklands were built around the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. In the nineteenseventies, the area was abandoned by the shipping companies.

In the nineties, the docklands were turned into a living area. In the past, sailing ships and steam ships came to the Eastern Docklands.

The modern docks of Amsterdam are situated on the west side of the town.

Nowadays, you will find houseboats, recreational ships and freight ships travelling to other European countries in the Eastern Dockland area.

harbor at Levantkade

harbor at Levantkade

Yacht harbor at Levantkade.

At this time, there is one yacht harbor in the area. This harbor is also used by smaller boats, motor boats, rowing boats and canoes.





houseboat at Sumatrakade










The picture below also gives a view of Sporenburg peninsula.

old houseboats

Down: another picture of Sail 2000. Many sailing ships came to the Eastern Dockland for this event.
This event also attracted huge crowds of visitors.

In this year, the reconstruction of the area was already well under way, but you can still see some reconstruction works on this picture.

Sail 2000

at Levantkade

Many historical ships can be found on the Levantkade, Veemkade, Ertskade and Borneokade.

These old ships usually need a lot of effort for maintenance and repair. You can often see the owners working on this.



  Down you can see a historical motorboat.

houseboats at Veemkade

floating garden south of Borneo island

One of the floating gardens in the Eastern Docklands, made by the artist Jasper Grootveld.

There are several of these floating gardens in the Eastern Docklands.

Some of them can be visited.

freight ship at Veemkade

Ship at the Veemkade, and a view of Java island.

Spring in the Eastern Docklands.

house boats with gardens

More pictures of historical and modern ships in this area are on the website Amsterdam Havens-Oost.
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