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red design bridge connecting islands in Eastern Docklands Amsterdam

The Eastern Docklands are situated on several islands and peninsulas in the Y-lake.
Several bridges connect these islands and peninsulas to the mainland and to one another.
Many of them are designed in an original and attractive style. 

Two red bridges for pedestrians connect two peninsulas in the eastern part of the neighborhood.

One of them is quite high, so ships can easily pass.
The view from the top of this bridge is spectacular.

Under the Jan Schaefer bridge in Eastern Docklands

A fools bridge on Java island A fools bridge

Several unconventional bridges cross the canals on Java Island in the western part of the Eastern Docklands.
These bridges are called 'fools bridges'.

It is easy to see why.

The fools bridges are named after the ship of fools, Azart.
See the webpage about facilities, social life and nightlife.

The fools bridges can be used by pedestrians and cyclists.

A fools bridge and a view to the southwest

Jan Schaefer bridge in Eastern Docklands Amsterdam

One of the main bridges for motorized vehicles is the Jan Schaefer bridge, connecting Java island to the western part of Piet Hein kade.
It is designed in the shape of a lizard.

Stairs of Jan Schaefer bridge

The white bridge shown on the first webpage used to be the main bridge for motorized vehicles from KNSM and Java island.
It has become of minor importance for them since the Jan Schaefer bridge was opened.

This new bridge designed in traditional style is the main connection between the northern islands and the central area of the neighborhood for pedestrians, cyclists and buses.

A fools bridge on Java island

A fools bridge on Java island
A fools bridge in Eastern Docklands

Some pictures of other fools bridges on Java island.

A fools bridge
A fools bridge A fools bridge

Java island has several canals, dividing it into a couple of smaller islands.

Construction of Jan Schaefer bridge in Eastern Docklands Amsterdam

This picture shows the construction of the Jan Schaefer bridge around the turn of the century.

Other construction works are visible in the distance.
Central Station is also dimly visible across the water.

Another picture of one of the red bridges, also offering a view of the eastern part of the Eastern Docklands and the island Zeeburg.

The red bridges connect the peninsulas Borneo and Sporenburg.

red bridge from Sporenburg to Borneo peninsula

Finally, two more pictures of a canal and a fools bridge on Java island.

A canal on Java Island in Eastern Docklands Amsterdam

A fools bridge

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