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view of Veemkade with shopping centre and several cafes and restaurants

The shipbuilders and trading companies left the Eastern Dockland in the 1970s and redevelopment of the area started in the 1980s.

During the seventies the local community was made up of artists, city nomads and houseboat dwellers, living in and around the vacant warehouses. 

Eastern Docklands / Club PanamaSocial life in the Eastern Docklands is still influenced by this history, although the majority of current residents are professionals.

Many local cafes and restaurants have an artistic or creative atmosphere.

Some of them evoke the memories of the time of overseas travel or of the time of the artists and city-nomads.

This web page gives a selection of local restaurants, cafes, dancings, clubs, theatres, museums and shops.

Eastern Docklands / ship Odessa
Most cafes and restaurants are at or near Levantkade, Azartplein and notably Veemkade, Oostelijke Handelskade and Cruciusweg. This is the central area of the Eastern Docklands.

On Oostelijke Handelskade you can find Lloyd Hotel, club Panama, Cantine and LLoyd Coffeehouse.
On Azartplein you will find AMP dance studios, Wladiwostok and restaurant De Zuid.

The Eastern Docklands are well-known for offering a lot of live music performances and festivals. Many cafes and restaurants have live music in the weekends.
Club Panama and club AMP have several podiums and an excellent reputation in music and performances.

The grand new music theatre 'Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ'  (IJsbreker / Bimhuis) was recently opened. It is situated in the western part of the Eastern Docklands, next to the passengers terminal for cruise ships.
Bimhuis is specialised in jazz music. De IJsbreker has a more varied programme of music, theatre and shows.

Eating and drinking

Very good cuisine is found in the restaurants Gare de l’Est (the former railway station) and Voorbij het Einde (a chique place with a view on a garden), for example.
La Trattoria is a pleasant place serving good Italian food.

Eastern Docklands / de WereldbolEinde van de Wereld (end of the world) is a restaurant ship run by people belonging to the former squatters community. They serve good, basic food; the atmosphere is friendly and alternative.

The Ocean and KNSM-eiland are both atrractive, trendy cafes, often packed with artists, professionals, bohemians and people who want to been seen among them.

Swimming is possible from the lakeside terrace of KNSM. The Ocean has a lakeside terrace and occasional performances.

The ship Odessa is a restaurant in a refurbished seventeenth century ship. The place is chique and latin with a definite rough edge.

Azart ship of fools and opera houseAnother restaurant ship, Lisboa, is next to it.
It has an attractive view over the lake and various performances from time to time.

Azart is a ship cafe on an artists ship called ‘ship of fools’. There is live music; and occasionally improvised operas. The place is quite unconventional.

Lloyd Coffeehouse is a cafe with a small restaurant in a historical building with an attractive garden. They sometimes have performances or live music.

Eastern Docklands / de CantineDe Cantine in the old Quarantine building, close to the former coffeehouse of the Lloyd, also has a restaurant and cafe. From time to time there are exhibitions, performances and dance evenings.

Both places have attractive Sunday afternoon performances, presenting bands, singer/songwriters or other artists.

Boulevard Cafe and Y-land are two examples of pleasant, easy-going local places. Boulevard sometimes has live music and it has a pleasant, small garden.

Eastern Docklands / Kanis en MeilandY-land is situated right at the lakeside.

Het Haventje is a simple restaurant with a pleasant terrace and a friendly atmosphere.

Jaap Hannis is an attractive cafe-restaurant on a small island resembling a former bulwark. This is a very relaxing spot.

Restaurant de Zuid is a pleasant, popular place with a very attractive view over the lake.

Jerry’s is a simple restaurant with a great view of the lake. It also has a roof garden, a fitness center, and sometimes live music and dancing.

Eastern Docklands / view from terraceDe Wereldbol (the globe) is probably the smallest restaurant in the Eastern Docklands. It has four tables and it serves sandwiches in a no-nonsense atmosphere.

Lloyd Coffeehouse

The historical ship Kapitein Kok is also a restaurant, which tours the lake at night. 

Kaap Kot, to the east of the Eastern Docklands and at the Markermeer, is a trendy restaurant, with a beach of its own.

Lakeside hotels

In the early twentieth century the Lloyd Hotel was a hotel for emigrants from Central and Eastern Europe to the Americas.
It has been renovated and now it is again a hotel and a cultural centre. It has a good and attractive restaurant.
The hotel is situated at the lakeside. The atmosphere is somewhat unconventional.
This place, and notably the restaurant, has become quite trendy by now.

Next to the Passengers Terminal for cruise ships, a new hotel, the Movenpick City Harbour Hotel, is now under construction. It will probably become attractive for international tourists joining tour groups, but we cannot be sure about that as yet. Time will tell.

Eastern Docklands / swimming in the lake

Dance and music

AMP is a club with live performances of rock bands. It also has an pleasant dancing with club and pop music and some studios for rock bands. AMP also offers various courses in music and dance.

Eastern Docklands / het HaventjePanama is a trendy place featuring shows, Latin, Caribbean and Northern American music, with a stylish cafe, a restaurant and a dancefloor. It also hosts tv-shows.

The grand music theatre Bimhuis / de IJsbreker is situated at the lakeside in the western part of the Eastern Docklands.
Bimhuis is specialised in jazz music. De IJsbreker has a more varied programme of music, theatre and shows.

The restaurant ships Odessa, Lizboa and Einde van de Wereld have dance nights or live music in the weekends or monthly.

Lloyd Coffeehouse and de Cantine have live music or performances in the weekends (usually Saturday night or Sunday afternoon).

Eastern Docklands / de Zuid
Courses and other local and cultural activities

The communal living project Wladiwostok hosts courses about new age topics, yoga and tai-chi training.
The neighborhood center De Balk also organizes courses and trainings.

The Eastern Docklands Internet community has various activities, like discussion groups and information sites on upcoming local activities.

restaurantship Odessa

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Boulevard Cafe and garden