Layout, architecture and facilities

Innovative new architecture, grand historical buildings and ingenious city planning

apartment buildings in Rietlandpark

The central area of the Eastern Docklands, right along the Y-lake, has some of the most striking new apartment buildings and also most of the historical buildings in the area.
Several of these historical maritime buildings have been renovated; others are still being restored. 

apartment building across water A shopping center is situated in an old warehouse called Brazilie. In the earlier part of the twentieth century this warehouse was used for cocoa storage  from Central or South America.

The historical Lloyd Hotel at the lakeside was a hotel for emigrants from Central and Eastern Europe to the Americas  in the early twentieth century.
It has been renovated and now it is again a hotel and a cultural centre.

The Lloyd Quarantaine Building is now a restaurant and a centre for young artists. The Lloyd Coffeehouse has turned into a restaurant and local cultural center.

Eastern Docklands Amsterdam - central area - Sfinx buildingThe new grand music building Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ ( IJsbreker / Bimhuis) and the present passenger terminal for cruise ships are located in the western part of the Eastern Docklands. 

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ offers very good music performances.This center is also home to several television shows (actualities and discussion and cultural television programs).

The City Museum of Modern Art (Stedelijk Museum) is now at the western border of the Eastern Docklands, on Eastern Docks Island near Central Station.
A large center for design furniture is next to it.
There is also a restaurant on the 11th floor, with an attractive view over the city.

Kolhoff building on KNSM island


Several new developments are planned on Eastern Docks Island.
For example, the new Central Library of Amsterdam (opening July 2007) and the conservatory will be located there.
This island is now under construction.

About 1000-2000 meters south of the Eastern Docklands area, a new university campus of Amsterdam University is under construction.

The new university area is located between the neighborhoods Indische buurt (Indian quarter) and Watergraafsmeer, next to the ringroad A 10 and at a distance of about five to ten minutes by car of public transport from the Eastern Docklands.

One of the renovated warehouses in the former entrepot area in the Eastern Docklands houses the International Institute for Social History.
It has a renowned library on social history.
A press museum is located next door.

The former hydraulic energy station, commonly known as the steam factory, now houses the trendy nightclub Panama, offering e.g. Caribean and Latin shows. It also serves as a venue for TV talkshows.

Central apartment buildings near former cattle market of Eastern Docklands in Amsterdam Some historical ships have been renovated and have become restaurants. They are situated in the central area of the Eastern Docklands.

Warehouse Six on KNSM island houses art & design shops.


The central part of the neighborhood is next to the former city-wall bulwarks. On a remaining bulwark just south of the Eastern Docklands is a seventeenth century city windmill.
It is one of the few remaining city windmills, now home to a brewery producing and selling the local Y-lake beer.  Another former bulwark is commemorated in a restaurant, located on a small island.

Historical warehouses Monday to Sunday in former Entrepot Dock in Eastern Docklands Amsterdam

The eastern part of the neighborhood has apartment buildings and houses with roof gardens and an attractive view over the water. The warehouses Monday to Sunday have been changed into apartment buildings.

bridge from Sporenburg to Borneo islandThe western part of the Eastern Docklands is redesigned in the style of the seventeenth century part of the city.
This part of the neighborhood has small streets and canals with attractive canal houses and community gardens and some old warehouses. 

The central park in the area, de Rietlanden, is situated around the main streets in the central area.

The area around Piet Hein Kade, the main street in the neighborhood, is still under construction.
A fast tram line connects the Eastern Docklands to Central Station and IJburg islands.


Development of the area will be completed soon.

view of central area of Eastern Docklands






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