General information about development of an attractive neigborhood at the lakeside

Y-tower next to shopping center Eastern Docklands

In the center of Amsterdam a neighborhood is developing on several islands and peninsulas in the Y-lake. The former docklands have been changed into a new, attractive living area.
The neighborhood has an interesting mix of innovative, internationally renowned modern architecture and stylish historical buildings related to the maritime history of the area. 

The Eastern Docklands is a highly urbanized and cosmopolitan living quarter situated along  Amsterdam's waterfront.

The neighborhood has a creative and innovative atmosphere. Many small businesses, mainly in the professions and the arts, have settled here.
There are many art & design shops and the neighborhood has a fair amount of restaurants, cafes and clubs.
bridge from Rietlanden to KNSM and Java islands Some of them are among Amsterdam's most trendy; others are among the most original in town.

Many residents of the Eastern Docklands are professionals or artists between 30 and 50 years old. The area is especially attractive to people with an urban lifestyle, mainly because of the atmosphere and the proximity to shopping, restaurants and public transport.
Most of them live in apartment buildings, but the area also has garden flats.
Other people live on house-boats, in communal houses or in studios.
The area is predominantly white; with about twenty percent of the population belonging to other ethnic groups. Some shops and restaurants offer various Asian and African products.

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